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The primary difference between Gold Coast Property Photography and Jamie Auld Photography sessions is the licensing that is provided with each session.

Gold Coast Property Photography sessions include a Standard Real Estate License with each session, meaning the images provided may be used for a typical real estate listing (sales or leasing), usually for a single vendor or agent but aren't suitable as part of a portfolio or on new developments, off the plan sales and display projects.

Jamie Auld Photography sessions on the other hand, include a Portfolio license along with an Extended Real Estate License, allowing the images to be used as part of a portfolio for marketing, as well as provided to a number of real estate agents who can list and sell properties as part of an 'off-the-plan' style sale and marketing campaign. More time is also dedicated to each photo session with Jamie Auld Photography, including the option for Full-Day and Half-Day sessions to allow for more finessing and a higher quality product for high-end quality projects.